Turner Sports Management is proud to say, 31 of 37 clients in the NFL and CFL on active contracts during the 2016 season were not invited to the National Scouting Combine held annually in Indianapolis, Indiana. We represent our clients beyond the vision of many NFL personnel and scouts.
The business of the NFL is not only our job, but passion. Choose
Turner Sports Management and know you will always have... "The Finest in Personalized Representation!

coleb8080Cole Beasley, WR - Cowboys (NFL STARTER)
brentonb1Brenton Bersin, WR - Panthers (NFL STARTER)
kj brent 8080Keith Brent, WR Raiders
clark8080Ryan Clark, ESPN Analyst (NFLPA EXEC. REP) (NFL 13 YEAR STARTER)
patrickdimarco80Patrick Dimarco, FB - Bills (NFL STARTER) (ALL-PRO) (NFLPA PLAYER REP)

bfields8080Bryon Fields, CB - Giants
kedricg8080Kedric Golston, DT - Redskins (NFL STARTER) (NFLPA PLAYER REP)

BJ Johnson 8080B.J. Johnson, WR - 49ers
Keeon Johnson 8080Keeon Johnson, WR - Giants
Marquavius Lewis 8080 Marquavius Lewis, DL - Bills

ronparker8080Ron Parker, FS - Chiefs (NFL STARTER)
lucas patrick 8080Lucas Patrick, OG - Packers

schraederr8080Ryan Schraeder, RT - Falcons (NFL STARTER) (ALL-PRO)
canaan severin 8080Canaan Severin, WR - Giants

succop8080Ryan Succop, PK - Titans (NFL STARTER)

cw8080Corey Washington, WR - Winnepeg Blue Bommers
Ian Wells 8080Ian Wells, CB - Lions
cecebapuiaa6pp1Jordan Williams, DT - Giants

larry dean 8080 cflLarry Dean, LB - Hamilton Tiger Cats (CFL)

Nikita Whitlock, DT - Hamilton Tiger Cats (CFL)

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