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Contract Negotiations

Turner Sports Management has earned an outstanding reputation in the agent industry and among NFL front offices and scouts for the way we represent our clients in contract negotiations. Over the last few seasons, Turner Sports Management has negotiated some of the richest deals in NFL history for our clients. We have also provided valuable outside income and benefits via negotiations for our clients on various endorsements, promotions and personal appearances as well.
When it comes to negotiations with NFL front offices Turner Sports Management has become one of the most well respected firms in the business! Some quotes from NFL General Manager's regarding our contracts negotiated...

"That deal you did for Succop was great"- Tampa Bay GM, Mark Dominic

"You did a great job for Thigpen. It was more than i thought you would get" - Miami Dolphin's GM, Jeff Ireland

"You did one hell of a job for Ryan Clark. I never thought you would be able to get that much for him, Congratulations." Washington Redskins Owner, Daniel Snyder

"We never expected to have to fight this hard or pay so much to keep Ron, but we are thrilled to have him for 5 more years" - Chief's GM John Dorsey on Ron Parker's 5 years $30 Million Contract

"This thing has way more Guarantee than we were hoping for, but we can see how you guys think he is worth it for the Cowboys. Glad to have this battle in the books" - Cowboys Contract Advisor, Adam Prasifka on Cole Beasley $15.2 Million Contract

Patrick Dimarco has been a leader in so many way during his NFL career. He happens to be a Team Captain, NFLPA Player Representative, Pro-Bowler and one of the highest Earning Fullbacks in NFL History. Dimarco is currently under contract on a 4 year $8,4000,000.00 with the Bills. Upon his signing with the Bills he was the highest paid Fullback in the NFL. Patrick is another great example of ability meeting perseverance to overcome an early career injury that could have been career ending. Patrick has been a Super Bowl starter during his time with the Falcons also.

Ryan Schraeder
has had one of the most remarkable early careers of anyone in the NFL. Schraeder came from Division II Valdosta State University after completing two years as a Junior College All American at Butler Community College in Kansas. Despite not being invited to the NFL Combine and being undrafted, Ryan was able to start 5 games his rookie year for the Atlanta Falcons. Schraeder went on to start 26 of his next 32 NFL games on the way to the start of his 4th NFL Season. His played continued to be the best in the NFL at the Right Tackle position and Schraeder signed the second highest contract value in NFL history at the Right Tackle position 5 years $33,000,000.00 It is also the highest value Contract for any Non-combine / undrafted RT in NFL history!

Kedric Golston has been with his original draft team since the first day of his NFL career. Turner Sports was hired by Kedric prior to the beginning of the 2012 season after he terminated the SRA with his first agent. Since that time Turner Sports has negotiated one of the highest valued contracts of any reserve defensive linemen in the League. For his services he is currently signed to a 3 year $5.2 million contract, which is a larger sum per year than 3 player selected in the 1st round of the 2013 draft! TSM has negotiated nearly $6 million in contracts for Kedric - after his previous agent negotiated back to back 1 year contracts.

Mike Tolbert went from a player with only 2 teams wanting him out of Coastal Carolina to one of the highest paid players in the NFL with Turner Sports Management. Despite not being a full-time starter, Tolbert became the 4th highest paid FB in the NFL (garnering the second most money of any un-drafted FB in NFL history) after Turner Sports Management negotiated a 4 year, $10,000,000 deal with the Carolina Panthers for the 2012 season. Tolbert received $5.25 million in guaranteed money over the first two years of the contract. That is more than 50% of the total contract value guaranteed.

Tyler Thigpen went from a non-combine QB to an NFL Draft pick with TurnerSports Management. Four years later after going from the Vikings to the Chiefs to the Dolphins, Turner Sports Management negotiated a 3-year, $11,000,000 deal with the Buffalo Bills for the 2011 season coming out of the historic NFL Lockout. Thigpen received $3,500,000.00 in guaranteed money in 2011, making him one of the highest paid back-up QB's in the NFL. Tyler played for the Bills over former 1st round pick Vince Young and 2nd round pick Tavaris Jackson for the Bills in the 2012 season.

Ron Parker is entering his 8th year in the NFL as a former NCAA Division II player from Newberry College. Despite not being an NFL Combine Invitee and entering as un-drafted college free agent during the lock year of 2011, Turner Sports Management has helped Ron in earning NFL retirement and for the 2015 NFL season TSM negotiated Ron the richest Contract in NFL History for an un-drafted safety. Ron's $30,000,000.00 is proof of what hard work can bring about. TSM works for EVERY client in order that we can maximize opportunities for each of the young men we represent.

Cole Beasley has had tremendous success from his first 2012 season with the Cowboys. As an un-drafted and non-combine invitee, Beasley has made his way to the top of the NFL slot receiver category. Cole recently agreed to a 4 year 29,000,000.00 contract with the Buffalo Bills. His newest contract is the largest contract in NFL history for any Slot Receiver entering his 30 year old season.Turner Sports Management and Cole chose the Bills not only for the contract value but his importance to the team on a scheme and long-term basis. Not only was he Prescott's and Romo's go to on 3rd downs to move the chains, he is the 2015 highest earning slot receiver in the NFL with his new 4 year $15,200,000.00 contract. He leads all at his position with $5,000,000.00 in earnings for the 2015 alone. Turner Sports Management had no doubts from day one that Beasley would be an NFL household name and marquis player for the Dallas Cowboys.

Ryan Succop is fresh off of signing his new 5 year 20 Million Dollar Contract on February of 2018. it is the 2nd largest gross contract in NFL history and Succop has the 2nd highest gross total contract signings in NFL history at Kicker (44,000,000.000) He had not even finished his rookie contract, still in his third year when Turner Sports Management approached the Chief's front office about a contract extension. The results: Succop received the richest contract in NFL history for any kicker in his 3rd year of their contract - a 5 year, $14.275 million deal that included a $4 million guarantee. The $4 million sum is more than any Kicker has ever made in the 4th year of an NFL career. Succop has now finished playing on a $7.75 million 3 year deal (2015-2017) for the Titans.. He has had $44 million in contracts to date.

Ryan Clark has enjoyed 13 great years in the NFL before retiring prior to the 2015 NFL Season. Off the field Clark has been rewarded with over $25,500,000 in earnings negotiated by Turner Sports Management - which includes two of the highest paid contracts in NFL history for an un-drafted Safety. Clark's last veteran contract was a 4 year $14,000,000 deal which included $5,000,000 guaranteed money - the most ever for a former un-drafted free safety - not too mention being passed up on by the National Scouting Combine held annually in Indianapolis Indiana for the "top" pro football prospects. As agents we understand a players career cannot be defined by the combine/draft.