Protect What You Earn

Financial Planning and Insurance

Turner Sports Management will only recommend dealing with financial advisors who have been approved by the NFLPA and its Financial Advisor Program. This is required on our behalf by the NFLPA as part of our certification to represent NFL players. However, it is also a part of ensuring our clients the best and safest means of selecting someone to handle your money.

Whether you want to invest your money into stocks, bonds, annuities, 401Ks, mutual funds, IRAs. life insurance, commodities, money market accounts, savings accounts, CDs or even real estate, you will be provided the advice that best fits your desired goals for your money, along with structuring your investments to get the best tax advantages so you can keep your money longer and keep more of it.

We interview select financial planners and brokers and the services offered by each, We then give the client an opinion of the pros and cons of each depending on the individual client's geographic location, financial situation and goals. Our objective is to give each client the information needed to make an informed decision as to who will best serve his individual needs.

NFLPA Certified Financial Advisors have a program which can handle a client from pre-draft needs such as credit all the way to estate planning after a player's career has completed and any financial services in between (asset management, mortgages, credit lines, credit and debit cards, insurance and more). They are registered with the NFLPA Financial Advisor Program and have strong business history.